Presentation Guidelines

Oral Presentations:

All oral sessions will be equipped with LCD projector, laptop, laser pointer, and remote for advancing the slides.  Presentations in either PowerPoint (ppt) or pdf format are strongly encouraged.

Time Allocations

  • All Oral Talks 17 minutes + 3 minutes discussion

Loading and Previewing Talks

These guidelines will ensure sessions run smoothly. Please note that session chairs will be instructed that session time lost due to technical difficulties from not following the above guidelines will be subtracted from the presenter’s allocated time.

Poster Presentations:

Two poster Sessions will be held

Size and Mounting
Each presenter in the poster session will be provided with a 8-ft wide by 4-ft high space

Poster sessions will be Wednesday April 24th and Thursday April 25th

It is important that you remove your poster at the end of your poster session.  Posters left on the boards will not be saved.